My Experience in Hard Drive Recovery Process

Hi friends! I would like to share my experience in Hard Drive Recovery with you.

It is almost a year ago when my computer get crashed. I had two hard disks which are connected as primary and secondary. Due to some virus problem my both of the hard disks get crashed. At that time I was in deep sorrow and full of tension because of this I couldn’t able to concentrate on my studies. I lost my short film data and other symposium works also. I have collected more than 3000 songs in my hard disk which is also got deleted.

I tried so many methods to load up my hard disk but all ends in vein. When I try to install new OS it asked me to format the hard disk. I had no way to go. Luckily one of my friends who know little about Hard Drive Recovery told me about some interesting news. I feel very happy after hearing on it.

He told that when we format the hard disk all data in hard disk will not be deleted. Instead it is assumed to be deleted, when we load a new data over the formatted hard disk this is the time when data get deleted. It actually overwrites on the existing data.

He also told about the Hard Drive Recovery expert and how the hard drive recovery is done. Hard drive recovery is done by a systematic approach to retrieve data from logically and physically damaged storage devices, which cannot be accessed in normal way.

As I got more interested on this topic I went to the internet center and surfed more sites regarding this topic. I found that there are two types of Hard Drive Recovery can be done. First Hard Drive Recovery can be done through by using powerful software which can restore all of the files on it to a safe location. This process can be accomplished by anyone with a data recovery program and a basic knowledge of computer operation. The second hard drive recovery option is more complicated. The second type involves a physical disassembly of a hard drive unit to get at the stored data inside. This process is done when the hard disk got affected awfully. Due this reason most file recovery is better left to a professional data recovery services company.

When I search for the better data recovery services.  Here they offer evaluation version of the data recovery software which helps us to check out the functionality of this software before using a full versions. I was greatly impressed by that. The data recovery software is available for Windows and other operating systems. The DTI Data offers free upfront flat rate price quotes on all hard drive data recovery. Here they also offer a data guarantee and all single hard drive recoveries are no data no charge. The only exception to that rule is if the drive has been opened somewhere else.

While surfing this site I came to know about that they are offering Online Data Recovery Training. They offer a full and comprehensive online training course in which they will teach about hard drive repair and how to earn money through data recovery. Once the training is finished they will get all the software they get along with the free recoveries.

These are the following Full Version Hard Drive Recovery Software which they will get at free of cost.

  • Recover It All (Current and future versions)
  • E-Recovery Outlook Express
  • Speed Clone Windows and Dos versions
  • Disk wipe DOS version only
  • Bad Sector counter and Reporter (exclusive to class members)
  • Digital Picture Recovery
  • Fast File Finder
  • Fast File Undelete for Fat32
  • Dart File Undelete
  • Win Hex and many other benefits also.

For more information about this program, just log into their site.
After careful final consideration I used the data recovery software and got my precious data back again. Thanks to my friend who helped me in my data recovery process.

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