Top personal firewall

A firewall is a software running on computer, which inspects network traffic passing through it, and denies or permits passage based on a set of rules.
The following are the top Best 12 rated free personal firewall.
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Top personal firewall.

  1. ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall 2009
  2. F-Secure Internet Security
  3. Outpost Firewall Pro
  4. Prisma Firewall 2009
  5. Norman Personal Firewall
  6. eConceal Pro
  7. NeT Firewall 2009
  9. Webroot Desktop Firewall
  10. ESET Smart Security – Firewall

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  1. i have a pc.I recently bought a lap top.The 2 are synchronized with each other. The pc has Norton System works&internet security;the lap top trial version was running out. I uninstalled the trial version. I installed Norton System works (but it is picking up the ‘days left from the pc).

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