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My friend Puva and I enjoyed fishing

In my earlier days i and my friends puva, vijayanand, muku will go for fishing. We will go for fishing after every rainy season.

Once my aunts told that, in Florida they will go for fishing through Backlash Charters of Destin. The Backlash is operated by Jason Mikel who is a third generation fishermen. He takes anglers to where the fish are. The Backlash Fishing Team is one of the top Destin Florida Charter Boats. The Backlash is a top-notch boat with all the works including air conditioning and even play station for the kids on the trip back into shore. If you love water sports then Destin is the great place to be there.

My aunt told that the season already started, people are calling to book Charter Fishing Destin trips in hope of catching an Amberjack, Cobia, Swordfish, or maybe even a shark. In Backlash Charters they use the latest technology aboard the find where the fish are and at what depth. So passengers aboard the Backlash always catch fish. Backlash Charters is one of the premiere charter boat fishing companies that serves the gulf coast of Florida.

They always take care of their passengers. They provide fishing license, ice, even the bait and tackle. I think that Backlash Charters is great experience for friends, colleagues, and family. It is at are very reasonable. In your olden days these adventure that may turn in to the memory of a lifetime even eye catching.

The area of Destin is enhanced by a few bed and breakfast places and nice hotels. Here the restaurants here offer a great variety of foods and the seafood cuisine is excellent. Hope that one day i too have fun as my aunt having now.

who will win the cricket match?

Usually in my college day I and my friends always bet against each other on who will win the cricket match either India or some other country?

Most of the days, I will win the bet and get more amount of money. Actually betting needs some strategy planning and optimistic thinking. A sport betting is the activity of predicting sports results by making a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. These sports betting generally regard it as a hobby for sports fans that increases their interest in particular sporting events. Today there are professional sports bettors, who make a good income in betting sports, many of which utilize sports information services.

After my college day I got bored and looked into internet, to find some interesting betting sports site. After long review I found a useful site which offers Betting picks, Tips and Previews for Online sports betting, Trading and Betting Tutorials to beat the Bookmakers, only on English Apostaganha Portal.

What is the Bookmakers Bookmakers?

Generally Role of the bookmaker is to act as a market maker for sports wagers, most of which have a binary outcome either wins or loses. The bookmaker accepts both wagers, and maintains a spread, which will ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the wager.

This type of services makes us curious over these online betting games. I always spend a small amount of money to be get relax and have fun over weekends.

Me at my Office

Hi friends!! today i like to tell about my office. My office is the great place in this summer. This  Summer gets heated up already only way i can get out from this heat is going to office regularly. This is the coolest and friendly place to work in. At first i started with few hiccups but the days goes by i managed with the work.

The working culture is so good and officers are so friendly. i joined this company through my friend vijay anand and sriram in this year jan 1st 2010.  At first i am not so eager to join this company as my interest is not based on this field but my friends insisted that for a time being or until you get a new job join this company. It certainly paid off for me. Thanks to my friends .

Missed Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super kings Cricket match a lot

Hi friends! This is very sad day for me. I fail to see this Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Superkings Cricket live in stadium. Usually, I will go to Chennai stadium to see every cricket match.

Last time, it was my dream comes true. i went to see a test cricket match in chennai at M.A.Chidambaram Stadium, where Master sachin hits the century, where i saw him in my own eyes and he was just near to me …!!

I nearly went the entire matches which were held in Chennai… but this time due to sachin the ticket got filled up over 3 weeks before. I even thought to buy higher amount ticked but it all went vain.

Finally I went to home before the match starts and I saw the match live from my television. On one side I feel happy that Chennai super kings have won the match on other side I feel sad that sachin missed to play with his full strength, which also ends in losing side.

Overall nice cricket match to watch.

Why i like Prison break and lost season?

Hi friends!! Generally i don’t like any serials and season. When i was in college doing my final semester, this is time where I started to see the English serials and season. My friend vatsan showed me then first season of prison break episode. After seeing that I feel that I shouldn’t watch any movie because I feel that today’s movie is not as standard as prison break. After I seeing this I waited for so long to see the rest of the prison break episode. Finally I saw the full episode of prison break.

I can even tell that prison break episode is good as much of watching 100 good English movies. This is not yet over after watching prison break next I saw was lost season. Lost season comprise of suspense, thrill and expenditure. I saw the entire coming episode of lost season still the excitement never creeps down. I should appreciate the director and story writer for giving such a wonderful season.

Still the season goes on…the lost season has got so many awards. My friends too stared to watch this season. Thanks to my friend vatsan who told about the English serials and seasons.