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Friendz Diary

Day at my Office

It is hard day out there in my office. Some times AC working some time not. Some time heavy work or light work. With a lot of upcoming scheduling in my mind i wish my dream come true. My team members celebrated the Birthday of shiva, vijaylakshmi and sameer. Me, Giri, gopal had a

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Office cricket team– 4C

We had prepared of the office tournament well and went to the match and lose the first match and the tournament. Why do we lose because we had played the practice match with tennis ball and played the office match with cricket ball so bowlers were unable find grip hence all the runs through

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Friendz Diary

Jebastine moved to CTS company

Jebastine who had worked for Polaris now moved to CTS. He is so friendly and helped me lot of times. Special about Jebastine is he never watched movie. He is so dedicated to Jesus.

Jebastine work to be praised in our team. He is workaholic and done a great job to bring our project

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