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First Day in Navalur Polaris Office

First Day in Navalur Polaris Office. After shifting from Shakthi Towers (mount Road) to Navalur Polaris Office i feel it is better to work here. The infra-structure is great. The work location is also great.

My First Day in Navalur Polaris Office is an ordinary day where i do my job with better work environment.  Only dis advantage is the VDi connection which lags behind. But the computer are very fast and latest configuration.

This is the day in my life where i went at 8.30 am to polaris and came out at 5.30 pm. Usually it would take 8.00-8.30pm to come out of polaris in Shakthi Towers (mount Road).

Hope this would continue in this Navalur Polaris Office. Have a nice day.



The Great Indian Crickter Rahul Dravid – The Wall Retired in international ODI’s and T20’s

The Great Indian Crickter Rahul Dravid – The Wall Retired in international ODI’s and T20’s. RAHUL DRAVID – The WALL is One of the most Technical and patient batsman you will ever see in cricket and especially in this time when T20 cricket is picking the pace so much. I myself alongwith millions and millions of his fans will miss him in One day cricket arena.

Rahul Dravid stands out especially beacuse he was the one who was always ready to bear the extra burden whether it is keeping or moving up and down the order all because for to achieve success for team and for his country.

Along with God Sachin, Saurav,Anil Kumble whose sheer hardwork,professional ethics,dedication,sacrifice,passion and love for cricket made Indian Cricket reach the pinnacle and achieve what it has achieved in the One day cricket arena.

The true spirit of the game, the classic style in which he plays, the way he conducts himself  both on and off the field. And the gentle  and polished way he presents himself. Dravid deserves more respect than he is getting!. Era of Indian Cricket where Sachin and Ganguly were his contemporaries who overshadowed dravid achievements!,  we will surely miss the wall in One-day format.

Sachin Tendular is GOD definitely Rahul Dravid is the WALL for GOD. Rahul Dravid is the back bone of Indian Cricket for last more than 15 years.

A true patriot of India, who played as Captain, Batsman, Wicket keeper, Fielder, Bowler, every time he tried to give 100% cricket without any controversy. No player are in the world who never be compared with Rahul Dravid in cricket.

Rahul Dravid Always will be the THE GREAT WALL OF INDIA