Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas celebration in Office

On Friday, i and my friends decorated the office for Christmas. Christmas celebration in Office has so many funs. We thanked each other and sign off with Christmas wishes.

My MBA 2nd year EXAM Going to start

My MBA 2nd year EXAM Going to start from this coming saturday. Lucky to me this time there is no exam in weekdays only one weekends. Only disadvantage is, it takes almost three months to finish the exam it starts on dec end and will finish by feb early.

There is so many advantages to me to start with. I have lot of time to read and have an idea about the subject. Hope this time also will do the Exam well and pass through.

Eager to finish this madras university exam and move on. As my project submission date also around the corner i need allocate the time and do the things carefully.


Today is My Role Model Birthday — SuperStar Rajini

Rajnikanth, who has a huge fan following across India and world. Rajnikanth’s mannerisms tempt a bus conductor or a coolie to copy the star, certainly his success.

Rajnikanth infuses into perhaps every fan of his a compelling desire to rise above the grind and the toil. He never forgets that Shivaji hopped off a bus and on to a cinema set, shedding his drab khakis for amazing costumes – walking out of depressive gloom into brilliant light.

No doubt Rajnikanth resides in the hearts of millions for his on screen acting but he is also loved by many for his exceptional power. Rajnikanth’s part obviously takes him closer to the common man, who finds it comfortable to identify with his hero. Rajnikanth’s Endhiran: The Robot opened in 2,000 screens the world over, about 500 in Tamil Nadu alone, the fan frenzy took over. Wooden cutouts of the 60-plus-year old star were anointed with milk and honey, and garlanded with fresh flowers.

Today is My Role Model Birthday. I would love to wish SuperStar Rajini a happy birthday

My Sony Ericsson VIVAZ working better now

It was almost two months my Sony Ericsson VIVAZ had not worked. The charging area got shorted and pin got removed hence not able to use the phone. I was not able to use the phone mainly because of not able to charge the phone. So i finally though go to riche street and get the phone repaired. As i don’t have time to do the same because of the work. Week after week i was eager to go there and finally i went yesterday and got the phone repaired.

I almost spent 2000 rs to get the phone back to work. Actually at the time of repairing the phone only we found the display was also not working hence new display was added hence due to that it took 2000 rs.