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My Friend Gopalakrishnan Engagement

My Friend Gopalakrishnan Engagement. My friend Gopalakrishnan Engaged on july 17th My hearty Wishes to him.

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My friend Bala marriage on July 7th

My friend Bala marriage on July 7th

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Friendz Diary

My friend Arun Prakash marriage

My friend Arun Prakash got married on July 14th, 2014. The marriage was held on Velachery near to my place hence was able to attend both marriage and reception.

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My Engagement With Brindha

Yes I(Rajesh) got engaged to Brindha S. It was a lovely moment in my life. It was on march 9th i had seen her first. On March 12th, beginning of my new life started. I see so many changes in me. I Never usually call. Now ……. You know these things happen. Now all things changed. Yes its just the beginning of another phase of my life.

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Happy Pongal 2014

Happy Pongal

May The Pongal Transport the New Expectations And Good Yield For You! With Bliss And Cheerfulness! May The Sun Emit The Peace! Wealth And Cheerfulness. Let Wealth And Cheerfulness Grow In Your Lives All Through The Year My Happy Pongal Wishes To You

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Wishes to Baiju Nelson

Baiju Nelson

Tomorrow is the Baiju Nelson marriage ceremony. His marriage ceremony going to take place is in Neyyor. Regret on not able to attend the Baiju Nelson marriage hope will go for his reception taking place in Pondicherry. Already most of my friends packed up for one week holiday to visit his marriage

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