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Meeting At Beach-with my friends

Yesterday Me and my friends planned to go to the beach. we started at evening 4.30 pm ..that is good time to go to the beach..from my house it takes only 20 mins to go the beach.. we reached by 4.45 pm..we had a chat and started to tease others and had great fun and fight with each other…we feel very happy to be with each other.. we had great time with some photography session …we had taken some nice photo and these are the some of the picture i look to see it..

My Friend Anush Drawings

These picture was drawn by my friend ANUSH

He is good in drawing from his childhood..

He can draw a picture straighly withoust using eraser…he developed this skill, u can see some of the drawings was directly drawn by pen itself..

i hope he would become a wonderful drawing specialist..

I wish him good luck for his future..