Aegan Press Meet

Aegan’s director Raju Sundaram and Ayngaran International’s CEO Arunpandian met thepress and spoke to the media about their film.

Director Raju Sundaram explained that he was quite comfortable working with Ajith as he had choreographed many of his dance sequences and they are great friends.

“It was a pleasure to direct him,” announced Raju Sundaram, “and I am thankful to him for allowing me to direct his film.”

Raju Sundaram is confident that this film will prove his directorial skills and become a turning point in his life.Speaking about the way Ajith is presented in the film, Raju stated that the star’s role, costumes and style in Aegan will be as widely discussed as those of Billa. “Aegan will augment the ultimate star’s image and status post-Billa,” said Raju.

Arunpandian expressed his thankfulness to Ajith for agreeing to work in their first production venture and for his cooperation in making it grand.