Day: July 4, 2009

My Friend AjmalMy Friend Ajmal

His name is Ajmal Khan
He is My college Friend.
He is actually very good guy. Though we are in same college we studied different subject and we ware in different class.

In college days we usually play lot of cricket and had lot of talks and fun.

After my college days is over we came together for playing cricket and computer games. At present he is playing in cricket tournament named bluestar. He got so many man of match, should be proud of him. We decided to take a course on network, because network has good opportunity in future. so we joined A+, N+ and MCP in STG center. At Present we are going to finish the course. Hope we have a good opportunity in coming days..

He is good in playing cricket . He is a hardcore fan of Sourav Ganguly . I am very happy to have found such a friend in my life.

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

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