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Protected: 100th day Celebration with Darly bindu

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After long gap came to Blogging again. Takes lot of time to make the Site back again from the backup and found-out another hosting provider who is good in many ways.

Back to Blogging July 2020

There has been lots of hips and downs to make blogging going. I hope these will changed since most of the things here made it easy in wordpress.

One thing which i came to know is SSL enabling in site. Free SSL made my site to https enabled. Will post those information in next blog post, which is very easy to attain

Thanks to brother satish(thehellhero) who though to create his own blogging site, which allowed to make me come back to Blogging again.

New Law Passed Jallikattu WinsNew Law Passed Jallikattu Wins

Young Indians Saving Jallikattu

Young Indians Saving Jallikattu

The much awaited the Law for Jallikattu Was Passed. This is the huge victory for students #StudentsPower. Proud Movement for all. Unity wins. Jallikattus are big events that draw people in thousands. They generate a lot of consumption around them which is significant for the rural poor.

Why Jallikattu?

Supporters of native breeds argue that foreign breeds might not be a better option in the long run. Native breeds require less expensive maintenance and are less vulnerable to diseases and viruses. Jersey cows also require more grazing pastures. In the long run, native breeds are a better economic option. And Jallikattu is one big way people keep on rearing native cattle.

Artificial insemination, where semen from one bull can impregnate scores of cows, is criticized because it is believed to destroy the genetic diversity of cattle. It makes cattle more vulnerable to viruses and diseases. The supporters of native breeds argue that this has led to foreign companies creating monopoly on semen.

The low-yield milk of native cows can generate a huge demand as increasingly people perceive it to be more nutritious.

My Friend AjmalMy Friend Ajmal

His name is Ajmal Khan
He is My college Friend.
He is actually very good guy. Though we are in same college we studied different subject and we ware in different class.

In college days we usually play lot of cricket and had lot of talks and fun.

After my college days is over we came together for playing cricket and computer games. At present he is playing in cricket tournament named bluestar. He got so many man of match, should be proud of him. We decided to take a course on network, because network has good opportunity in future. so we joined A+, N+ and MCP in STG center. At Present we are going to finish the course. Hope we have a good opportunity in coming days..

He is good in playing cricket . He is a hardcore fan of Sourav Ganguly . I am very happy to have found such a friend in my life.

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

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