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Trip to Tirupathi-3rd DayTrip to Tirupathi-3rd Day

Trip to Tirupathi-3rd Day experiences:

On 28 december 2008 we Started the day by 4.30 am, vacated the lodge by 5am, started walking up to tirumala by 6am, we walked very slowly, but took more photos all over we walked, at this when we nearing the temple my friend lost his purse.. we cared about it for sometime..and we reached tirumala by 12, Usually it will take 4 hours for us to walk up the mountain. But this time we spent more time on taking picture and searching my friends purse which he lost .after that we went to our friend sathya’s uncle room by 1pm and we went to temple by 2pm, got darshan by 3pm, probably a very quick darshan in my life time. Then we started from tirumala by 6pm, reached tirupathi by 7pm. we finished dinner by 8pm, waited in busstand for 4 hrs, then we picked 1′o clock bus, came back chennai by 5am.
This was my first visit to tirupathi by walk. i have been to tirupathi with my family 2 times in my childhood but i enjoyed this trip more than that, i love this trip and enjoyed each and every moment. we had taken a nice photo and wonderful picture of mountain.. i think you all will like this…thank you
overall Very nice and enjoyable trip!

Trip to Tirupathi-2nd DayTrip to Tirupathi-2nd Day

Trip to Tirupathi-2nd Day experiences:

On 27 December 2008 After early morning sleep We started the day by 10 am and after finishing breakfast we went to padmavathy temple by 12, then we got the darshan. After that we finished our lunch by 3.30 pm and then we came back to room, and we took a small rest and started to go to grand world theme park. We reached grandworld by 5pm. it takes a long walk to go there..actually when we reached there, it is almost at closing time. we planned for 1 hour And it’s nice theme park to visit. we enjoyable the water rides and also took more photos .Then reached room by 10pm and Slept by 12pm.

Trip To TirupathiTrip To Tirupathi

I would like to share the experiences on my recent trip to tirupathi.

Me and my friends planned to go to tirupathi…  and we booked the ticket in advanced to ensure safety darshan

[me, satya, neps, anush] four of them stared On 26 December 2008, We started from my place by 7.30 p.m on friday and reached koyamedu bus terminal around 10.Then we picked the bus by 11.00pm and reached tirupathi by 2.30am. Then we stayed in Sri Ganesh lodge. After 2.50 hours waiting We got the room by 5 and started sleeping by 5.30.