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Young Indian’s Raised Slogans Againt jallikattu BanYoung Indian’s Raised Slogans Againt jallikattu Ban

Young volunteers and mostly college students comes together observed a day-long fast seeking urgent measures to address the farmers problems in the state following drought in many districts. More than 25 thousands young indian People joined hands for this initiative.

Some people took to the streets in Chennai on Sunday protesting the ban on bull-taming Jallikattu sport.

Young Indians Saving Jallikattu

Young Indians Saving Jallikattu

Supreme Court had banned conducting jallikattu in 2014 and further struck down the Act passed by the State government. The protestors upheld banners and posters and raised slogans against PETA, demanding government to act on their demands.

The importance of resuming the sport, after it was banned by a 2014 Supreme Court order there is no similarity between the Spanish sport of bull fighting and jallikattu. In Spanish sport of bull fighting the bulls were harmed and killed in the sport festival in Spain but the bulls are treated like gods in Tamil Nadu.

jallikattu is about taming the bull and not causing any physical harm by breaking its horns or other part.


Lost My Pagerank Of my Blog TechblizzLost My Pagerank Of my Blog Techblizz

MY Blog Tech Blizz which i used to make the post almost daily lost the page rank last week due to spams and Hacking techniques used by the hackers.

I am very much frustrate due to these incident. I came to know the blog tech bliZs got spammed by the hosting company. They told that there is a sudden increase on the bandwidth take a look.

I almost ruled out most the Pulgins but that was not enough. Hence i made a new installation and exported the details back to my site. It was the hard work i need to do. Finally on next day MY page rank gone from 3 to Nil.

MY blog Pagerank was previously went upto 5.  I need to work very hard out to get the page rank… Hope i will get it as soon as possible.

Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market!Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market!

Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market

It is expected that the much awaited iPhone 5 is going to be released in the month of September or October. The operating system for the new Apple’s iPhone ios 5 has been unveiled with much improved Game center. There are also much subtle changes introduced in the latest ios5.

New and exciting features of Apple’s ios 5

1. The notification center

The notification center in the ios 5 is much like Android that pop up in to the lock screen upon user demand and in a separate slide panel that can be moved down as the user swaps to the top screen. The configuration of the new notification center is also simple and quick. There is also option available to change the style in which different applications sends notifications to the user.

2. Camera and screen

The notifications that appear on the lock screen are now movable which can take you directly to the application from which notifications came. Camera can also be accessed from the lock screen. Upon clicking the home button twice, a small icon will appear below the screen at right side. This icon lets the user to open the camera. User can also do various editing tasks to adjust the image.

3. The safari

The safari in new ios 5 has two exclusive features .one is reader, that makes the advertisements and extra application interface vanish to provide the users with much cleaner and focused experience. Second is a reading list which allows the reader to save desired pages to read later offline.

4. Reminders

It is an extremely beneficial application that reminds the user about various important dates, activities and to-do tasks. Reminder notifications can be viewed in the new notification area.

5. iCloud

The icloud is the most exciting feature of ios5, which comes with a free memory storage capacity worth 5GB. The icloud service helps the user to store wireless backups and synchronizes the phone with various other devices automatically.

6. The iMessage

If the users send a text message to a person who has registered his/her mobile as an ios enabled device then the green bubble turns in to blue color and the text is sent via internet for free instead of the mobile service providers’ SMS service. Users can also send short videos and too in a rapid and quick manner.

The news for the release of ios 5 has been circling for a long time and the element of excitement has now faded away. The new and exciting features and specs of ios 5 have thrilled the audience who are now on their tooth and nails to witness the official release of Apple’s iPhone 5. The ios 5 would no doubt give a shiny touch feel to the new iPhone 5. But from the review of ios 5 not much change have been identified but it seems that Apple, considered as the most highly acclaimed smartphone manufacturer, has made a firm and thrilling update to the existing ios that would make the new iPhone 5 a mouthwatering smartphone.

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My new Laptop Hp pavilion g6 2004txMy new Laptop Hp pavilion g6 2004tx


Hp Pavilion Notebook g6-2004tx

I recently bought the new laptop hp pavilion g6 2004tx. As usual i thought o buy the Leveno laptop at last minute i switched to HP.

I searched in net get the spec and other details i finalized the twp brands Leveno and Hp. It was difficult to choose the best as both stands the best for my spec. Fist i went for Leveno but last minutes by the knowledge of the shop sale man i switched to Hp pavilion.

Regarding the hp pavilion g6 2004tx my laptop has all the beautiful and latest features. It was a nice laptop. All the features i had tried and looks better and promising.

Features of Hp pavilion g6 2004tx:

  • Operating System : WIndows 7 Home Basic (64-bit )
  • Intel Core i5 Mobile Processor i5-2450M (Dual-Core) 2.5 Ghz, Turboboost 2.0 up to 3.1 GHz, 3MB SmartCache
  • Intel AVX, Enhanced SpeedStep Technology, Intel 64 ,Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, VT-x
  • Intel HM76 Chipset
  • 4 GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 (10667 MB/S) , 2 SODIMM Slots (Max Upgrade to 8 GB)
  • 500 GB Serial ATA (150 MB/sec @ 5400 RPM) -HP ProtectSmart HDD Protection
  • 15.6″ (39.62cm) LED Backlit Widescreen – 1366 x 768 HD (720p); 16:9 True Wide Aspect Ratio
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 7670M HD (switchable graphics) – 2GB DDR3 Dedicated Graphics Memory, DirectX 11 support
  • High Defintion Audio – Dolby Advanced audio v2 , Altec Lansing Stereo Speaker

The only drawback i faced was touchpad is very dragging. Sometimes it gets struck will working. If you had same laptop kindly share your experiences.

The new Indian rupee sign on Computer by TVS Gold Bharat KeyboardThe new Indian rupee sign on Computer by TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard

TVS MADE it Possible. Today many experts believed that it will be very difficult to bring the rupee sign on the computer but TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard made it possible . The new rupee symbol was approved on July 15 by the Indian government. The keyboard called TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard has become the first company to have the new Indian rupee sign

The company Foradian Technologies launched a downloadable font which made it possible to include the new Indian rupee font, where people are typing new rupee symbol on the computer.

Features of TVS Gold Bharat Keyboard:

  • It has the dimensions of 490(L) x180(W) x20(H) mm.
  • It has a very light touch operating force of 60 + 15 cN.
  • It supports up to 50 million strokes per switch.
  • The Keyboard operates at voltage of 5v + 10 percent at a supply current of 10mA.
  • It supports both USB and PS2 interface for connectivity.

My New LCD MonitorMy New LCD Monitor

Hi friends! Today i am going to talk about my new LCD Monitor. Actually i had bought this LCD Monitor Two months before. I have asked many friends which is the best they told that Samsung is the best for LCD monitors. So at that time i bought this Samsung 943SWXPLUS LCD Monitor. I was very happy when i saw the HD movies. Wow!! i never saw the movies with this much clarity. After a few week later i found the blue spot in middle of the screen while playing games. First i thought it was a Game graphics problem. One of my friends Name vatsen saw this blue spot and told that this is dead pixel. He also insisted me to ask the customer care for regarding this problem. When i asked about this on samsung customer care they immediately send their monitor expert to my house. He found the same blue spot and told that this is struck pixel and sorry for the inconvenience. Next day what happened was they replace old LCD monitor with New one.

Totally a new kind of experience. I never thought Samsung have these type of Customer care facilities and more over i never thought they would change the LCD monitor for single struck pixel. They are truly great. They have Zero tolerance in their product. Truly Samsung is the best in the business and customer satisfaction. Along with LCD Monitor i have bought AZUZ Mother board and AMD PHENOM Processor. Regarding these experience i will tell about later. Friends what do you think about your experience with LCD Monitors?

ICANN board announced Internet Domain Names in International Languages would come into effect in 2010ICANN board announced Internet Domain Names in International Languages would come into effect in 2010

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that it would declare an end to the exclusive use of Latin characters-the script in which English and most other European languages are written for website addresses.

ICANN president Rod Beckstrom said the change would come into effect in the middle of 2010. Icann aims to start receiving applications next month. As of now we had control only over websites with the suffix .in. This suffix will soon be replaced with .bharat in the scheduled Indian languages

Once domain names in Indian scripts come into existence, could be written as Indian scripts. Indian scripts would also be enabled for suffixes such as .org and .co. Most probably the users can type out the address of a website in the scripts of any of the country’s 22 official languages.

The Icann board chairman said that when the change comes into force, it will be possible to use characters from languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Japanese as well for a full internet address. Hence internet addresses would no longer use limited generic top-level domains such as .com or .org, and instead use more flexible internationalized domain names such as .post or .bank.

These changes is very much necessary for not only half the world’s internet users today but more than half, probably, of the future users as the internet continues to spread.

Google plans to launch Google Editions of Selling e-booksGoogle plans to launch Google Editions of Selling e-books

Google plans to initially offer about a half-million books, Where readers will be able to purchase the books directly from Google or from online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Google plans to share the sales with both publishers and the online bookstores. For books sold directly from its Web site, the search giant said at the book fair that it would give publishers 63 percent of the sales and keep 37 percent itself.
For books sold through Amazon or other retailers, the publisher would get 45 percent, while the retailer would get almost 55 percent with a small share for Google.
The company said that consumers would be able to read the books on any connected device, including PCs, Netbooks, and smartphones. Apple iPhone users could access the e-books through their Gmail accounts.
In the first half of next year they will launch Google Editions, a new service that will deliver e-books to anyone with a Web browser.

BroadBand ProblemBroadBand Problem

I recently took a Hathway broadband connection. They have been very good to me because this is the only network which available in my area. Now due to some issues they have closed their network in my area. Now i can’t able to come internet regularly and update my blogs. i spent very hard time these days. i hope, i would get new connection as Soon as possible.

I have asked many broadband connection provider and got their plans details. i think, i would get the broadband connection as soon as possible. At present i think reliance net connect is suitable for me.

Cool Features of Internet Explorer 8Cool Features of Internet Explorer 8

The New browser Internet Explorer8 was launched by Microsoft.. The Microsoft New browser Internet Explorer8 has a new cool features and is greatly advanced features considering the previous version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 8, gets people to the information they need, fast, and provides protection that no other browser can match. This new version of Internet Explorer was a significant improvement on previous editions.

Millions still use IE6. Meanwhile, Firefox introduced in late 2004, has racked up significant market share and popularized features, such as tab browsing, which lets you quickly click back to several open Web pages.

The safety features in IE8 are very good. It can spot dubious websites and alert you if you’re about to fall foul of, let’s say, a publishing website, because it has a constantly updating list of dodgy sites. Microsoft supplies a version of IE for Windows Mobile devices that can be downloaded freely.