Friendzworld Gadgets,Internet Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market!

Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market!

Apple’s iPhone 5 with ios 5 on its way to the market

It is expected that the much awaited iPhone 5 is going to be released in the month of September or October. The operating system for the new Apple’s iPhone ios 5 has been unveiled with much improved Game center. There are also much subtle changes introduced in the latest ios5.

New and exciting features of Apple’s ios 5

1. The notification center

The notification center in the ios 5 is much like Android that pop up in to the lock screen upon user demand and in a separate slide panel that can be moved down as the user swaps to the top screen. The configuration of the new notification center is also simple and quick. There is also option available to change the style in which different applications sends notifications to the user.

2. Camera and screen

The notifications that appear on the lock screen are now movable which can take you directly to the application from which notifications came. Camera can also be accessed from the lock screen. Upon clicking the home button twice, a small icon will appear below the screen at right side. This icon lets the user to open the camera. User can also do various editing tasks to adjust the image.

3. The safari

The safari in new ios 5 has two exclusive features .one is reader, that makes the advertisements and extra application interface vanish to provide the users with much cleaner and focused experience. Second is a reading list which allows the reader to save desired pages to read later offline.

4. Reminders

It is an extremely beneficial application that reminds the user about various important dates, activities and to-do tasks. Reminder notifications can be viewed in the new notification area.

5. iCloud

The icloud is the most exciting feature of ios5, which comes with a free memory storage capacity worth 5GB. The icloud service helps the user to store wireless backups and synchronizes the phone with various other devices automatically.

6. The iMessage

If the users send a text message to a person who has registered his/her mobile as an ios enabled device then the green bubble turns in to blue color and the text is sent via internet for free instead of the mobile service providers’ SMS service. Users can also send short videos and too in a rapid and quick manner.

The news for the release of ios 5 has been circling for a long time and the element of excitement has now faded away. The new and exciting features and specs of ios 5 have thrilled the audience who are now on their tooth and nails to witness the official release of Apple’s iPhone 5. The ios 5 would no doubt give a shiny touch feel to the new iPhone 5. But from the review of ios 5 not much change have been identified but it seems that Apple, considered as the most highly acclaimed smartphone manufacturer, has made a firm and thrilling update to the existing ios that would make the new iPhone 5 a mouthwatering smartphone.

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