My Friend Birthday

Ya today is my friend ASHWIN's Birthday..  i know wat you all thinking. yes, yesterday is my friend sriram's birthday. Today ashwin's i wished him happy birthday at early morning…. and me and my friends went for his treat and enjoyed the day with him...

My Last Day at My College

  These pictures are taken in my college and It is my last day as a student in my college. we left the college with tears in our eyes for missing our friends and Smiles over the face for leaving the college and going to move forward in life. --a Memorable day in MY LIFE--

FriendzWorld Intro

Hi Friends, this is my First Post. so i like to thanks who are all supporting me and going to support....... Main thing About My Blog is Making Friends and to share things happening around world. your Suggestion about my blog is welcomed .so please feel free to give your suggestion about my blog