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My Trip to Andaman – Day 4 Sharing my experiencesMy Trip to Andaman – Day 4 Sharing my experiences

My Trip to Andaman – Day 4. This was another awesome and memorable day in my life. I never had such an experience in my life before.

The day started as usual travelling. We travelled to ross island and viper island. We reached ross island this pace is the Japan head quarters in second world war, where they defeated the British to capture this island. The island has japan building and bunker. We checked out the whole area. It was a perfect well built on those days.

Next we reached 3 island where another amazing experiences of water games we had. First we went to snorkelling. First I thought not to go for it as we already done in Havelock island in second day. As all of them through to go for it so I too joined them. This time it was an awesome experience. I even touched some of the corals and those are beautiful and more beautiful fish and sea cucumber. We went so deep into the sea and saw those beautiful under water fish, corals etc.

Next we went to water sports jet bikes, speed boat, banana ride and sofa ride. All sports rides are superb and awesome. Next we went to viper island. Special about the 3 island is that the 3 island can be seen in our 20rs Note.
After that we went back to our place. Finished shopping and packed our things for the next day return to our home.

My Trip to Andaman island – Day 3My Trip to Andaman island – Day 3

My Trip to Andaman – Day 3. Day 3 in Andaman is another nice trip which i loved. We started early in the morning to see jarawas tribes of andamans. We need to travel more than 3 hours to reach toll gate of jarawas tribes place hence we packed up the things early morning and started our trip.

We reached over 9 am. Toll gate of jarawas tribes place will be open on specific time such as 9am, 12 am, 3 pm. We are able see jarawas tribes on some paces while we travel. Forest was awesome. The rules are very strict not to slow down or stop the vehicle, not to comes out of the vehicle and no photos.

While going in, we heard lot of stories of the jarawas tribes. Post coming out of the tribes place we went to another part of island to ferry. From there we went to see lime stone cave through small boat.

Over all nice experience, We returned from there through ferry and back to toll gate of jarawas tribes which started back at 3 pm. After 4 hours of travel we came to back to our place and prepared for the next day awesome water games show and trip.

Will share the experience on the next post of My Trip to Andaman – Day 4