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My Trip To kovalam beach and crocodile park

Hi friends! This has happen three weeks back due to unavailable of internet i couldn’t write about this on that day. This time i went with my Relation. While going to Kavalam beach. my friend Puva too joined. We had a nice time while going there a new type of experience.

We have taken some of the pictures for our memories. which i listed some below.

Two Weeks of Without of Internet

Hi friends!! As due to my broadband failure i couldn’t come online often. This type of problem is happening to me more often. This time i asked the bsnl operator to rectify this problem for once in for all. Hence they took 2 weeks to do repair. i hope hear-after this problem will not happen again.

Due this broadband problem i feel so bad and even feel like lonely. nowadays when internet is not available or not around the near distance that day has became sad day. I think without internet it very horrible to life. But to change these type of living style i visit my friends house daily evening to have fun chatting and to have change from this computerized modern world.

Hi Friends Belated Happy New year

Actually Every New Year is special to us in some ways. At this New Year is some thing not special to me. I had a two weeks viral fever which makes me not to enjoy this New Year. Actually 2009 starts with good note. This 2010 may not starts with good note but I hope it goes with good things. Actually for every new year me and my friends will go to bezant nagar beach to enjoy the new year but this time due to my fever and some of my friends were out of reach I couldn’t go out for enjoy. Usually every year i would like to enjoy the New Year with friends in the beach. But this year I missed due to some or the other reasons.

Any way friends!! Happy new Year 2010. We have entered into a new year where in everything will go good for us. The expectations and the desires will be satisfied in this beautiful year. I wish you all the best for your future and my wishes to your family.

My friend sriram went to navi mumbai to join in the patni company

Today my friend sriram went to navi mumbai to join in the patni company. After more than one and half years, he got the date of joining on 15th dec. He went today through aeroplane from chennai to mumbai. Today at 2.30pm he send me the msg through sms that he had went to guest house safely. I think i could not see him for one year as he is in mumbai the traveling takes more that one and half days come to Chennai. Certainly these days will be very hard for me. Usually for every new year i wish to go with him to beach this time it couldn’t happen…Anyway, in this world a person has certain ways to achieve their goal, hope he do. I wish him All the Best for his career.

My Friend Vijay Anand

Hi friends! I have restarted to write about my friend’s diary. Though, I left this idea to write about my friends a few months before. one of my friends Vijay anand who started to blogging asked me to write about friends. Though some of my friends feels very interesting about reading about friends. So I started to write about the friends by staring with him.

His name is: Vijay Anand

His nick name is: Nettai

He is My School mate friend. He is actually very good guy.

why we call him nettai is because he is of 6.2 inch taller may be more also. While in my school days vijay anand, ashwin and sriram were my thick friends. We always stay around the ground and chat till midnight.

We two studied in a SAME COLLEGE but different class he was doing EEE and I did ECE but both the class was near to us. We had a great fun in college. He is good in playing volleyball and cricket just like me… May be more than me. He is good in all types of sports running, long jump, etc. One thing I like about him was his involvements in sports. He never gives up. We had a great competition in sports especially in cricket. Though we are in same team we always look to dominate each other and which leads to more dominance to opposite team. He was a great fan of sachin tendulkar, me too. He his now working in a core company but his thought is always on sports.

I am very happy to have found such a friend at a very early stage of my life. Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!
<–Friendz Diary–>

Friends Get together one More Time

Hi friends, it is almost a year I left my college. Hence we organize a trip to get together once more as usually. Last year after finishing the college we went to royal maharaja club. This year also we went to maharaja club to bring the pleasant moment to back.
This year my friends came more than last year. We went to that place through bike. At First we thought to play cricket as usually but due to rain the ground is wet hence we can’t play the match. But we played table tennis.
After wards we went to eat our lunch. Then we played again.
Finally we went for swimming. This time we thought to picturize some video for short movie making. We made some nice video with our creativeness. Afterwards we took some nice photo. Certainly, an enjoyable day in our memories.

<– a pleasant day in our memories–>