My College Symposium

These Pictures are taken In my College Symposium, When We was working For a trial in morning This was our college second symposium.. we did so many special program. one of the best was "Fm08".. we did the hard work..and it really paid off. so many of them came and appreciated our work. i was pushed in two jobs .. one is "Fm08" and second one i designed an animation intro for our college Symposium. i had a wonderful experience was new to me!! i am excited !!!

Spice Touchscreen Mobile Phone (S-930)

The Spice S-930 is a touch screen handset that comes with the finger swipe technology. It is a neat candy bar shaped phone which looks nice with its metallic finish. It has a 2MP camera with web-cam support, mp3 player, FM Radio, Stereo Bluetooth with A2DP. It comes with free 1GB memory card and the memory can be increased to 2 GB. Opera Mini is also provided for Internet browsing. The touch screen S-930 is priced at Rs 7,999 and with its looks and features, can give some mobile phones a good competition.