Spice Touchscreen Mobile Phone (S-930)

The Spice S-930 is a touch screen handset that comes with the finger swipe technology.

It is a neat candy bar shaped phone which looks nice with its metallic finish.

It has a 2MP camera with web-cam support, mp3 player, FM Radio, Stereo Bluetooth with A2DP.

It comes with free 1GB memory card and the memory can be increased to 2 GB.

Opera Mini is also provided for Internet browsing.

The touch screen S-930 is priced at Rs 7,999 and with its looks and features, can give some mobile phones a good competition.


  1. babycobalt

    Touchscreen phones now are very popular. What’s the use of this finger swipe technology by the way? This is the first time I have read this feature.

  2. babycobalt

    By the way, I added you in my Friends and Links page. Sorry it kind of took so long to link, I was busy with work. Have a happy weekend ahead.

  3. abas

    Hi, Rajesh. It’a Abas from Internet Exec Log.

    How are you?

    Spice; I guess it’s an Indian brand. I’ve never seen or heard of the brand in Malaysia. It reminds me of the iPhone with the finger swipe technology. Wow, at only US$168! How the heck did it get so low priced? :-O

    You be healthy.

  4. this gadget is cool. but i wonder if its screen is replaceable just in case it worns out.

  5. Hi 🙂
    It seems that this phone has no 3G function and no front camera for related video call.
    Anyway, it seems cheap… Does it go with a subscription?
    Did you try/buy it?

  6. sapimoto

    It’s a very great gadget…
    I think that will be just a dream for me to have it…

  7. sapimoto

    Rajesh, try to use permalink for your link, I hope your post will be more friendly for search engine…
    Just my suggest, I hope you will not angry with me…

  8. Henry Kay

    Wow, that thing looks nice! I just got a new virgin mobile! And by new, I mean really old, and on clearance for $10 at Target. LOL!

    Henry Kay’s last blog post..I truly need a new pen.

  9. shyam

    Hi guys…. its been more than exactly 12 hrs that I have bought this s-930 mobile….my opinioin goes like this cam clarity is ok… not very excellent.. and audio is very good. When u hear to the music u cant open any other applications, this is the biggest draw back for this mobile and u have to close that. NO need of installing the drivers suite for your pc’s or laptops its compatible and the these devices are built in the phone thats the good thing in this… u cant play winamp files in this…. so far even i haven’t checked most of the features… but frankly speaking guys i got this mobile only for just Rs. 6,800 at the HOT SPOT mobile store in HYD. Though the price tag is 7,999 they gave it for 6,800 as they told that they didn’t have included the dealer price int it…

    so its a good one u can go for that….. and i will keep posting more comments on this .

    Take care………

  10. Abas

    I hope s-930 comes to Malaysia.

    Abas’s last blog post..Book Forest & Land Hotel Room at Sinohotel.com Part II

  11. Navjhot

    Hey the comment on S-930 here says it has all in built drivers. No that’s not true.
    You require modem drivers for it to connect your PC to Internet using GPRS.
    Ans Bad thing is that spice webite does not provide drivers for it .

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