Who is The Next SuperStar?


Who is the next superstar?
is it Ajith or vijay!!!
Actually Both of the fans consider them as the next superstar!!!!
Is this superstar title will be consider to others???
like who is the next jamesbond??
oh!! no after some years there will be some others in the race like Simbu or Dhanush
Then after some generation some will forget who is the actual superstar…
is this we want!!
Please own our name and be with ur name.. it will be very nice..
Dont come into others Groove and take the fame…its worst — than ever
No one can come near to superstar Rajinikanth
His style+mass+class=superstar
There is one moon, one sun and one superstar!!!


  1. hi friendz, this is a nice post.
    i believe there are many superstars, but it is up to the individual on who they consider the one.

  2. i think grace is right. everyone has the right to choose their superstar.

  3. samanth

    Ajith is the next super star becaue he follows the super star rajnikanth style like helping people , and he also the man who believes with his confidence try try try try you can reach but in vijay there is cyber he is the man who thinks that he is the only person to entertain the people . Ajith is the final next super star

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