Half Century

This is not about cricket

Its about my blog….this post is my 50th Post in my blog

i thank all of them who supported me in achieving this first milestone.

Be supporting my friends… “without u I cant come here this far”…

once again thanks for your good wishes..

9 thoughts on “Half Century”

  1. Hello friend, I have a problem my site address cannot be found. I can’t even login and I don’t know what happened. I went to the support center of my webhost and no one is responding. Well my website is gone right now. What should I do.

  2. My site is up and running now wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

    johnlazy’s last blog post..GO DADDY’S BOB PARSON; 16 RULES FOR SUCCESS

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My Friend MohanMy Friend Mohan

mohan is a good person to have around because no one can come near to u

Mohan seems to be a big and scary guy at first but after i get to know him he is one of the best friends

He is really cool and will go to ant extent to help his friends.

He always helps other and gives new idea ..

He is one of the member of suguna gang in our college..

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

<–Friendz Diary–>

Indian IT industry is safeIndian IT industry is safe

According to survey condected by Nasscom told that Indian IT industry is safe

India’s IT industry does not need to worry about the current economic downturn as “we have a strong knowledge base” and the established market players here would not be affected. “We need not worry about the slowdown in the US economy. It is all a temporary phase and very soon, the US dollar will reach a stable position,” said Ganesh Natarajan, chairman of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom).

Addressing a chief executives’ meeting here, he said despite the global meltdown, the Indian software business is growing at the rate of 21-24 per cent every year.

He, however, urged the IT industry leaders to look beyond the US market. “Plenty of opportunities are available in Latin America, Japan, China, Europe and also in some African nations,” Natarajan said.

“By 2020, India can alone fulfill the need of technical talent of the whole world. By that time the whole world would need 43 million technocrats while India will have 47 million surplus technocrats,” he said.

According to Natarajan, the estate and retail business would feel the heat of the economic downturn. “But our IT sector is safe and would continue to grow,”

He added that huge investments have to be made to train the available talent.

Friendzworld New Theme UpdatesFriendzworld New Theme Updates

It has been almost one week where I am working on the new theme and made lots of changes. Now I have finally finished my blog theme.

At first I thought to have more graphical interface header image but it seems too much for me, moreover I am not so technically skilled it php. So, I used dynamic header images where the header image changes for every hit.

The theme which I am using is 3 column wordpress theme where it has right and left sidebars. For the past one month I have been looking for the 3 column theme but I couldn’t get the theme that I want. So, I thought to edit some theme which suite my idea and visualization. I have changed the appearances and color of this theme to suite my blog.

Friendz for almost a week I have not updated my blog, I strongly apologies to that.

I am not sure whether my theme looks better or not. So friendz plz help me by giving our valuable suggestion. If it needs some more extra changes plz be free to discuss about this.