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Meerabai Not Out My Latest Review..(Mandira Bedi)

Movie Name: Meerabai Not Out

Movie Cast: Mandira Bedi, Eijaz Khan, Anupam Kher and Mahesh Manjrekar; Director: Chandrakant Kulkarn

DirectorChandrakant Kulkarni 

Rating: Not Bad *****

Mandira Bedi gets her first full blown lead role and she does justice to the part. Meera Achrekar (Mandira Bedi) is a diehard Anil Kumble fan and teaches mathematics to school students through cricket calculations. 

Meerabai Not Out isn’t essentially a sports film but is more about one’s obsession towards any particular element in life and in this case it’s cricket. It is primarily a love story. Unfortunately Meera’s passion for cricket doesn’t quite come across in the film. However director Chandrakant Kulkarni gets the middleclass ambience correct, and for a extent thankfull for the director for not making Anil Kumble act beyond permissible limits. 

In this film Editing and camerawork appears jaded. At most instances it lacks punches and falls flat…There’s not much scope for music in the enterprise..

Technically, the film is alright. Dialogue is interesting.. For the new story and Mandira Bedi’s class act, Meerabai Not Out can been seen—-not bad

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