My Friend Puva Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated puva’s birthday. Actually my friend puva’s birthday falls on 27 th nov

but due the rain we can’t celebrate his birthday on actual day.

we had great fun..and adventure

when we asked about the rain ?..

what he has done during these days?

He told the adventure that he done in last two days. due to heavy rain for the past one week, the rain water came into his house…there was no current for the past two days. he hardly even sleep. most of the insects and snakes came into his house. By the time, he told about the snake we saw two snakes came from water besides the house after we shouted went back..On That time we saw a huge 6 foot green snake..

This is the picture of the snake that we saw in the tree.

2 thoughts on “My Friend Puva Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday to Puva!

    And damn…..I have serious snake phobia. Thank God you guys were alright. The snake looks BIG!

    Stanleyliew’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Sister!

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