My Friend Sathya

His NickName is ED

He is a very intelligent guy.. always looks to do some puzzles and sudoku…He won so many prizes on many tournaments.

He always look for new challenges.

In college he was very quite guy, he will be more famous only on the exam..because all the friendz ask him to sit near by him so that we all get passed in the exam. One of the funniest moment was, my friendz who sat near him and copied get passed but he fails…

when it comes to university exam he always help me in reading …and encourage me in studies, one of the reason i got good more mark in exam..

He is so nice to me, always help me in getting more knowledge and encourage me..he is very Patient cool guy..

He deserves more than he got…

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  1. sapimoto

    Now, Sathya is my friend too. I has add his blog in my blogroll…
    Nice to see all of your friend, Rajesh…

    sapimoto’s last blog post..Cerai

  2. satya

    thanks a lot for your praises about me.Thank you very much.

    satya’s last blog post..India wins 5th match also seals series 5-0

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