My Friend Srivatsan

Name : Srivatsan

Nick Name: vatsa

He is a cool guys, like swimining very much..

He is a great friend to have when he is around u can enjoy every moment. i cant forget the moments that happened in iv tour..he is one among the best entertainer in our college…

He always helps other and gives new idea ..

He is one of the great friends i have.

He is one of the member of suguna gang in our college..

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

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4 thoughts on “My Friend Srivatsan”

  1. yes vatsa is really a nice guy,he had helped me a lot,has very good technical knowledge.the only thing i dont like in him his addiction to sm…ing.

    sathya’s last blog post..VIJAY Observe Fast Condemning Sri Lankan Government

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