My Friend Venky

His name is venkateshwaran
His nick name is venky

He is My project mate..

i was very thankful to him during the project..he helped me in every department..

He encourage me every where..

During days with him my self confidence has raised higher..

According to me he is more self confidence guy.

He got more talent…he is a wonderful leader..

He always looks to help others..always close to our friends

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

<–Friendz Diary–>

6 thoughts on “My Friend Venky”

  1. I’ve learned a lot from your blog here,Keep on going,my friend,I will keep an eye on it,One more thing,thanks for your post

  2. Wow, great post! Well-written, informative and eye-opening. Will definitely be checking out your blog more in the future 🙂

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