Friendzworld Fun,Sports Playing Cricket With My Friends

Playing Cricket With My Friends

Joys of Prince Boyz

This is the video which i created.

This video is about  me & my college guys Playing CRICKET.

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My friend sriram went to navi mumbai to join in the patni companyMy friend sriram went to navi mumbai to join in the patni company

Today my friend sriram went to navi mumbai to join in the patni company. After more than one and half years, he got the date of joining on 15th dec. He went today through aeroplane from chennai to mumbai. Today at 2.30pm he send me the msg through sms that he had went to guest house safely. I think i could not see him for one year as he is in mumbai the traveling takes more that one and half days come to Chennai. Certainly these days will be very hard for me. Usually for every new year i wish to go with him to beach this time it couldn’t happen…Anyway, in this world a person has certain ways to achieve their goal, hope he do. I wish him All the Best for his career.

Friendship Thoughts! 01Friendship Thoughts! 01

Friendship Thoughts!

  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
  • Sometimes in life we think we don’t need anyone. But sometime we don’t have anyone when we need.So don’t let your best friendz go ever.
  • Its not an achievement to make 100’s friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 100’s years.
  • Enemies have become friendz by talking each other, but more friendships have been broken by not talking

Friendzworld New Theme UpdatesFriendzworld New Theme Updates

It has been almost one week where I am working on the new theme and made lots of changes. Now I have finally finished my blog theme.

At first I thought to have more graphical interface header image but it seems too much for me, moreover I am not so technically skilled it php. So, I used dynamic header images where the header image changes for every hit.

The theme which I am using is 3 column wordpress theme where it has right and left sidebars. For the past one month I have been looking for the 3 column theme but I couldn’t get the theme that I want. So, I thought to edit some theme which suite my idea and visualization. I have changed the appearances and color of this theme to suite my blog.

Friendz for almost a week I have not updated my blog, I strongly apologies to that.

I am not sure whether my theme looks better or not. So friendz plz help me by giving our valuable suggestion. If it needs some more extra changes plz be free to discuss about this.