Friendzworld Informative,Personal Rare sight: Jupiter, Venus and moon are lined up

Rare sight: Jupiter, Venus and moon are lined up

On Monday, across the United States people gathered just after sunset to see a rare sight: Jupiter, Venus and our moon lined up in.

If you missed the event on Monday night, Tuesday you’ll get another chance at it. Even if slightly dimmer in luminance, the astronomical display will be visible that night one hour after sunset in the direction of southwest near the horizon.

The whole affair will only last a few hours, after which the moon and the two planetary “eyes” dip below the horizon. Even if you miss it again, it will still be partially visible for a few more days.

it will take more than 40 years for unpunctual stargazers to see this spectacle again. The two planets won’t meet the moon again so closely until November 2052. In March 2012 however, Venus and Jupiter will be seen together in a similarly bright show in March of 2012.

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His NickName: Gaja

He is totally a fun guy..

he takes the life easily…..

he got more talent…he is a wonderful leader..

in our college he leads us in every department.. we are great to have him in our class

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one thing he loves is eating…always look to eat more ….

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Me at my OfficeMe at my Office

Hi friends!! today i like to tell about my office. My office is the great place in this summer. This  Summer gets heated up already only way i can get out from this heat is going to office regularly. This is the coolest and friendly place to work in. At first i started with few hiccups but the days goes by i managed with the work.

The working culture is so good and officers are so friendly. i joined this company through my friend vijay anand and sriram in this year jan 1st 2010.  At first i am not so eager to join this company as my interest is not based on this field but my friends insisted that for a time being or until you get a new job join this company. It certainly paid off for me. Thanks to my friends .