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The “Great Leader”


Today is the Birthday of Mahatma Gandiji who is called our Father of our nation. For his remembrance we also celebrate this day as the international day of non-violence.
And I wish more peace and happiness in the world

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Happy Pongal 2012Happy Pongal 2012

Today is Pongal  festival. Wish you all Happy Pongal. This is the one the festival which i love. Today i bought the Washing machine for my mother.

Once again i wish you all happy pongal.

Pongal is a highly revered festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu to mark the harvesting season. it is An important festival in India, Pongal is celebrated by offering prayers to the Sun God and exchanging Pongal gifts among family members, relatives and friends.
The pongal festival is celedrated for four-day with different varieties..

Enjoy every day !!!

My friend Arun Prakash marriageMy friend Arun Prakash marriage

My friend Arun Prakash marriage

My friend Arun Prakash marriage

My friend Arun Prakash got married on July 14th, 2014. The marriage was held on Velachery near to my place hence was able to attend both marriage and reception.

Me, and most of my friends went to see the marriage. We had a wonderful day among other friends and wished my friends Arun Happy Married Life!!

My Diwali Wishes To You and My FriendsMy Diwali Wishes To You and My Friends

Happy Diwali!!!

Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. In earlier times, people touched up their homes with cotton wicks dipped in ghee or oil. In order to save environment and energy  Decorate the houses with traditional lamps rather than bulbs. In this season cut short your list of crackers and use that money in buying some useful items.

Use this opportunity to introduce our culture to others. Such an act will encourage unity and teach new morals to kids. This is the time to exchange your happiness with their gloominess. So go ahead and put a smile on at least one such pretty face.

Post Diwali pollution is always on an all-time high despite there being a ban on crackers. Say no to some big crackers which pollutes our environment. Enjoy the diwali with sweets and fun. Make this Diwali a double the joy of festivity.