The Ultimate Star Ajith (thala) has more fans Follower in Kollywood-Latest News


The Ultimate Star Ajith affectionately called ‘Thala‘. He was favor among many young Stars including Simbu, Jai and Nakul.The list is getting bigger and stronger by the day Goes

Most young actors in Tamil cinema declare Ajith as their favorite hero. Jai who is currently enjoying tremendous success told that his favorite star is Ajith and even goes on to say that he talks to The Ultimate Star Ajith frequently..

Little super star Simbu has declared many time that he is a fan of Ajith. he is going to release a film ‘Silambattam’  sooner that would showcase him as an Ajith fan.

and so many young stars declaring that they like Ajith, here come the Sana Khan, the heroine of the Simbu starrer ‘Silambattam’ has expressed that ” I have become a great fan of Ajith”  and she added ‘I became a big fan of Ajith’ after watching ‘Billa’ and ‘Aegan’. ‘My dream is to do a film with the ‘Ultimate Star’..the list is getting bigger and bigger ….Ajith mania is rising in the kollywood..

36 thoughts on “The Ultimate Star Ajith (thala) has more fans Follower in Kollywood-Latest News”

  1. HowYouDoin says:

    I think Ajith is the best looking actor in Tamil.

    1. ajith kumar says:

      no he is the waste in everything

  2. manivannan says:

    Most handsome hero in Indian cinema who are Ajith(kollywood Thala ) and Aamir Khan(Bolly wood thala). Ajith is only role model for other actors in Tamil cinema fielded. No wonder Ajith is favorite hero for south Indian youngsters. Since, he is only one real hero of Tamil cinema.

  3. Annonumous says:

    if Ajith was so good then why hasn’t he the one to hold the next title as Super Start instead of Vijay. Ajith overacts and Vijay is natural and lots more people like him. Get the fact straight, Vijay is the no1 actor and best actor

    1. parag says:

      we keralites love vijay verymuch

    2. parag says:

      more than two crores of kerala people like vijay verymuch.but lovers of ajith did not exceed the fingers in my two hands.

    3. Sudeesh says:

      I also belong to kerala. I agreed tat most of d people in kerala likes vijay than ajith bcoz malayali people like d hero who speak punch dialogue, over acting tis s Oly in other language movie. n more over vijay got his market in kerala Oly due to d remake of malayalam movie like ” aniyathi pravu. friends, body guard “.
      But our thala s not like tat. he came out fame wit his hard work n talent. no back ground support also.
      u people vijay fans Hav no any rights to give a single comment against our thala ajith.

  4. thala bakthan says:

    superb thala always rockzzzz

    1. pinku says:

      Dai stupid….

      Not u alone counts as kerala…..

      Me too from kerala…Thala Ajith Rocks everwher da…Patti…..



  5. thala bakthan says:

    dont compare that idiot vijay with thala

  6. ASALMAGI says:


  7. Balaji says:

    Biggest comedy of the year…Nearly 50% of the Tamil people have forgotten Ajith. Surya has cleaqrly surpassed Ajith’s local and international market. Vishal, Srikanth, Bharath, Dhanush, Karthi, SIbiraj and many more admire Thalapathy Vijay.So dont create rumours and try to divert the attention of public. Better ask him to act first. He always need a big director, big director to give hits. And Nayanthara became more popular than Ajith because of Billa. Let him depend on himself rather than others…!

    1. karthikeyan says:

      dai balaji oru hero na eppadi vennunalum nadikanum oru venna vati 50 film fulla oru mathiri nadicha avan hero illa zero 50 film ellarukum era

  8. Adoxydox says:

    huh… love this style 🙂

  9. HBK says:

    muttal balaji, are you telling thala to act?, ha,ha, hey, thala won three film fare awards for best acting, think how many awards thollapathi vijay won answer is zero, THALA thanda Hero, surya surpassed thala what a comedy, don’t compare 100 watts BULB to the SUN thala. Also look back thala the only actor given more chance to young director also given hits with them,example, vali,dheena,kadhal mannan,etc. Cinima without Ajith is like tea without sugar. THALA THE TUNDER OF TAMIL CINIMA.

  10. pongada dubbukugala

    see the ajith’s movie RED
    then praise ur thala ajith…..

  11. Vijaysarathi says:

    truly aasal make the mark and beat vijay and lot of heart……..ajith rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. karthi says:

    comparing thala and vijay has become a old story …thala has reached a better position now..vijay has lost his position(as only gilli worth mentioning)..otherwise every vijay flim is same old stuff…come on guys stop comparing these two..nevertheless vijay is a good dancer..ajith and vijay fans doesnt has to hate each other as the two actors has became frnds..

    1. parag says:

      vijay is the best

      1. ram says:

        NDTV many time referred Ajith is South Indian Superstar and Highest Fans following next to Super Star Rajini sir.

        Ajith is biggest Mass & Action hero since Dheena (at that time Vijay & Surya doing comedy film like Friends ), Vijay from Tirumalai only …………

        Ajith just walk is enough more than Vijay dances….

        Most of street of Chennai city you can see the Thala fans club banners….other actors not like that even rajini sir.

        pls don’t compare Thala with Vijay.

        Thala is uncomparable hero………….

  13. DonAJITH says:

    AJITH Info:

    =>Before Entering in Cinema Industry Our Hero AJITH worked in a Garment Factory.

    >>AJITH fans,

  14. manivannan says:

    Thala is king of opening.Surya may be next Sarath Kumar not a Ajith Kumar.

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  16. martin says:


  17. thala fan says:

    thala pola varuma……thala dhaan apavumi best……thala is king of kollywood…….he was ahandsome style…..but vijay oru mokka paiyan,vijay look like ali

  18. ganesh says:

    just see ajith fans fallowers, jai and nakul are ajith fans but simbu not an truely ajith means should be one person should be in our mind.. If u ask me any time i wil say vijay at any grand stage.. but not simbu wen he attends kamal film audio release functon used to say rajnikanth function used to say rajini fan..same thing with surya also.. these two guys try to get fans like this..vishal, sibiraj, sathyaraj, k.balachander(best director) all are vijay fans.. personally i like ajith but vijay is my favourite..

  19. ganesh says:

    vijay rocks forever..

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  22. manivannan says:

    Vijay mass apart from tamil nadu only in Kerela, but Thala is rocking in AP, Karnataka, and Kerela also, After rajini sir, Ajith name only refereed in many movies by young heroes like simby many movies, now Dhanush also in Mappilllai compare to these guys Sibi Raj and Vishal not much popular, only for highest fan followers in tamil nadu and attracting ajith fans… you may said ajith give gave more flops why producers approach him………..Now Hinduja Motors leading Motor company also produce BILLA-II………..


  23. Jhon says:

    About Maankatha, It is worth watching the movie. I had no belief in the movie b4 its release. Direction and actions are best. The main thing is Ajith has been shown in his own style. The movie is already declared as a megahit. for my opinion I will give 4 out of 5 stars.

  24. achakpachak says:

    le vakkeelu, le poleecu, vayiru eriyuthu le……………overaction = mola sorry thala

  25. Bharath says:

    Maheshbabu is the world’s 12th attractive celebrity n superstar of indian film industry

  26. Vasu says:

    Thala Always Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. praneeth ditty says:

    thala get more fans than vijay@thala pola varuma

  28. Prabagaran says:

    Thala… Is the next SUPER STAR

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