Actor Aamir and Hillary Clinton discussing about Education

Bollywood star Aamir Khan said that here on Saturday as he, along with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the 140-year-old St. Xavier’s College here for an interactive session with its students and academics.

Aamir elaborated that we as a country should give importance to teaching as a profession. Unfortunately we don’t because there are more lucrative career options like medicine and engineering that parents want theirs kids to opt for.

Today, students are mostly focusing on memorizing their subjects because they have to face questions like Did you come first? How much did you score in mathematics?

Aamir Khan pointed out. I would like to hear teachers telling students: ‘Hey, your friend is weak in this subject, would you help him? This will incorporate the feeling of sharing and caring among students and will help in making them good individuals. We should teach our kids to be caring.

Hillary Clinton explained Competition is part of a human’s genes. I believe working in collaborations and corporations would help children to do well in life.

Khan also emphasized on the fact that today’s education system hardly encourages children to ask questions. Teaching should be a high paying job so that youngsters should aim at becoming teachers. I would like to see that one day in India, teaching is the most highly paid job.

Hillary Clinton said Aamir has come up with some excellent points to tell us what all is required to make education important. We have the best of educational institutes in our country but they are not for everyone. Part of our challenge is to provide education to those who don’t get it easily.


  1. for me, education is the first thing about a government…don’t you think?

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