After the Tremendous show in DLF IPL Season 2 Now Its Time for World T20 Championship

After the tremendous show in DLF IPL Season 2 now the players are back to play for their nation In World T20 Championships

Twenty20 is deemed a development product. It is attracting new markets and new spectators and fans, which will hopefully go on to play cricket and participate.

Back in January, Twenty20 is successfully overseen the inaugural World Twenty20 in September 2007 in South Africa. That tournament was won in a thrilling final by India, who chose to return to the country to stage last month’s IPL.
The IPL is a fantastic domestic product and its success is widely recognized but World T20 Championships is nation versus nation, and everything goes back to that pride of pulling the shirt and representing the country.
The defending champions India to retain the title at the World T20 Championships, Starting in England on June 5th 2009. Lets us hope this could be an another most Thrilling World cup T20 Championship Match

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