Air France plane Crash

The Officials with France’s accident investigation bureau told reporters Wednesday the teams will be dedicated to finding the plane’s flight recorders and analyzing the history of the plane. However, they said they are not confident about finding the flight recorders deep in the Atlantic.

The head of the agency, Paul-Louis Arslanian, says there are no signs so far that the plane had problems before takeoff. Military planes from France and Brazil have been sent to the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, found Tuesday in the south Atlantic. The big Airbus A-330 disappeared from radar early Monday, about four hours after taking off from Rio de Janeiro Sunday night on its way to Paris.

Brazilian search planes spotted airplane seats, metal parts, and a jet fuel slick floating about 1,000 kilometers off Brazil’s northeast coast. There was no trace of any survivors. French investigators say an initial report into the crash is due at the end of the month. The cause of the crash remains a mystery. Before it vanished from radar, the plane transmitted automatic signals reporting multiple failures in its electric and pressurization systems. Air traffic controllers heard no distress call or any other unusual message from the pilots, however.

The plane’s flight path took it across an equatorial zone where weather systems collide and often spawn severe thunderstorms. Modern airliners usually have no trouble passing through such weather conditions.

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  1. The plane was too high, going too fast, and flew threw an electrical storm. It supposedly broke up in flight. They recently found a few of the bodies in the ocean and are shipping them back to France.

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