Friendzworld Gadgets,National,Personal Airtel Launches Its Fastest DSL Broadband (16 Mbps) in India

Airtel Launches Its Fastest DSL Broadband (16 Mbps) in India

Airtel announcing the availability of 16Mbps broadband, which now claims to be the fastest DSL broadband in the country.

The broadband internet speeds are all set to rise for the Indian net surfer. Airtel has announced that Airtel’s Carrier Ethernet Network, will be initially available in the cities of Delhi NCR, Chennai and Bangalore with phased roll-out to additional cities of Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Airtel is offering 2 plans with 16 Mbps broadband

  • Speed Combo 2999:16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 20 GB for Rs. 2999 per month
  • Speed Combo 4999: 16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 50 GB for Rs. 4999 per month

Airtel delivers its broadband service through a fibre backbone of Carrier Ethernet Network with last mile delivery on copper using ADSL2+ technology, enabling ultra high-speed broadband which is scalable and affordable.

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Glorious 20 cricketing years of Sachin TendulkarGlorious 20 cricketing years of Sachin Tendulkar

About Sachin Tendulkar by Cricketing Greats:

Former Australian skipper Steve Waugh paying him the ultimate tribute by calling him the Bradman of our times.

The last time I watched Sachin was last week when he was on his way to a spectacular 175 and once again I felt that I was watching a player who comes but once in a century.

It can be said that he is the Bradman of our times and I do feel privileged to have played a lot of cricket against him.

Australian skipper Ricky Ponting, The number of innings of his I have been able to sit back and watch, I think he is an amazing player. Look at his stats and records and it’s quite incredible for someone to have stayed in the game for 20 years. He has set benchmarks for guys like me to chase him and get as close as we can. If I had to last 20 years, I would probably be batting in a wheelchair.

Former West Indies captain and batting legend Vivian Richards said there are few better role models in modern cricket than Tendulkar. when he is full flow, the mild-mannered boyish cricketer can look extremely intimidating. If there is a resonance, I find of myself in his batting, it is in that intent that he communicates. Sachin was a more committed individual. He was more consistent in his commitment to the team. Sachin is also the more disciplined cricketer.

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly on Saturday described the Mumbai maestro as the greatest batsman of his generation.

First I want to congratulate him on completing 20 years in international cricket which is phenomenal. Starting at the age of 16 and going on to play for 20 years with this intensity is unbelievable.

Probably Sachin is the best batsman I have seen. He just amazes me. He just keeps going on and on. We hope he carries on some more years.

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that it can’t get better. Sachin completing his 20 years in international cricket and scoring a century.

Sachin Tendulkar has smashed several records.

Test Cricket:

  • The most runs in Test cricket.
  • Tendulkar overtook Brian Lara’s tally of 11953 when he reached 15 against Australia in Mohali in October 2008.
  • A greater share of his runs have come against Australia. He’s scored 2748 runs against them at 56.08, and next in line are England, who’ve been taken for 2150 at 61.42.
  • Tendulkar has batted at No.4 for the bulk of his career, and is the top run-getter in that position, with 10681 runs at 56.51.
  • The most centuries in Test cricket.
  • He equalled the record for most Test centuries – 34, held by Sunil Gavaskar – 14 years.
  • Tendulkar also holds the record for most centuries in the Test format with 42.
  • He made an unbeaten 248 then, his highest Test score till date.


  • The most runs in ODIs.
  • Tendulkar has held the record for over nine years.
  • Tendulkar has also scored the most runs against Australia (3005 at 46.23), Sri Lanka (2749 at 44.33) and Zimbabwe(1377 at 49.17).
  • Tendulkar is also the most prolific opener in ODIs. He’s scored 14062 runs in the opening slot at 48.15, with 41 centuries and 70 fifties.
  • He is the top run-scorer in World Cups, with 1796 at 57.93. He scored the most runs in the tournament in 1996 and 2003.
  • The most centuries in ODIs. He equalled Desmond Haynes’ record of 17 centuries in his 196th match and 189th innings, against Sri Lanka at the same venue, when he made 128.
  • The most scores of 50 or above in ODIs (45 hundreds, 91 fifties). Tendulkar also holds the record for most half-centuries and Centuries in the ODI format with 91 half centuries and 45 centuries.
  • 32 (71.11%) of Tendulkar’s 45 centuries have come in wins, the most for a batsman.
  • The most Man-of-the-Match Awards in ODIs. Tendulkar.
  • He’s also won 14 Man-of-the-Series Awards, the most for many player.
  • The highest partnership for any wicket in ODIs. Tendulkar hammered a career-best 186 not out, the highest score by an Indian in ODIs, to crush New Zealand along with Dravid, who contributed 153, in Hyderabad in 1999.
  • The most fours hit in Tests and ODIs. Tendulkar has struck at least 1676 fours in Tests, an average of around seven for each innings. In ODIs, he’s smashed 1872, an average of 4.40.
  • He was the fastest to reach 10000 runs. He’s been quickest to get to every subsequent 1000-run milestone.

Captions all-round the world had a nightmarish time setting his fielders whenever Tendulkar marched in to the crease.
He has more than 10 unbeatable records for next two decades.

Other side of Sachin Tendulkar:

But in other side very few only know about his kindness and grateful heart. He adopted more than 200 children and became their god father.

About Sachin Tendulkar By Fans:

In India Cricket is a Religion and Sachin is God.

Paying tribute to Sachin Tendulkar on his reaching the milestone of 20 years in international cricket is wonderful.
Congratulating Tendulkar, who complete 20 years of international cricket on today.

Went to see Mayakkam Enna on first day with my friendsWent to see Mayakkam Enna on first day with my friends

On friday, i and my friends satya, anush went to see Mayakkam Enna. As the movie has high expectation because of Selvaraghavan and Dhanush coming together. We went to see this film in albert theatre

Selvaraghavan taken a fairly bold subject and not bowing down to any commercial element in the form of inane comedy. Richa’s character in the first half is likely to be misunderstood as someone very frivolous but the second half has made her highly respectful and strong and her characterization. Richa’s emotive actions and GV’s music. It’s surely a masterpiece.

Dhanush always proes he better in this business especially with Selvaraghavan. Superb performance.
Ramji delivers the best. Kola Bhaskar’s editing enhances the brilliance of the film. Wonderful performances by all of them.

Mayakkam Enna is emotionally rich where people like to see more than once.

Unlock Possible Aging SecretUnlock Possible Aging Secret

Using fruit flies, Brown University researchers have identified a cellular mechanism that could someday help fight the aging process.
This intervention takes place with few or no side effects on the quality of life for the fruit fly. The discovery could lead to the development of new anti-aging treatments.
“There are very few, if any, interventions that are known to dramatically extend healthy lifespan,” Helfand said. “Understanding how the metabolic state of the fruit fly would allow someone to come up with pharmacological interventions that could mimic it and give you the benefit of genetic manipulation without having to do genetics”.