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Arctic And Antarctic species Secret

The scientists had found marine life that in Both Arctic And Antarctic poles apparently share in common things include marathoners such as grey whales and birds, but also worms, crustaceans, and angelic snail-like pteropods, the latter discoveries opening a host of future research questions about where they originated and how they wound up at both ends of the Earth.
Ice oceans of the Arctic and Antarctic have revealed a trove of secrets to Census of Marine Life explorers, who were especially surprised to find at least 235 species live in both polar seas despite a distance of more than 13,000-kilometer distance in between.

Among many other findings, the scientists also documented evidence of cold water-loving species shifting towards both poles to escape rising ocean temperatures. Chionodraco hamatus, an Antarctic ice fish, can withstand temperatures that freeze the blood of all other fish types.
These discoveries result in series of landmark.

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