Bandwidth Problem?

yesterday is one of my worst day in my life due the huge bandwidth my hosting provider suspended my site for 24 hours. i figured the exact thing which takes huge bandwidth. its an error in the plugin which takes this much bandwidth 2.4gb. but i cannot find the solution for it. while this is my problem i should go out of the town for immediate work. it takes even a week. if you find the exact solution can you tell me so i can check it out…

if it go like this my site will be online just for 10 days only..


Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits     Bandwidth
Traffic viewed *   85               88 4                       99       3630     24.03 MB
(279.57 KB/Visit)
Traffic not viewed *                                                64194  64203 2441.07 MB

Here the traffic not viewed by visitors which takes 2.5 gb nearly. this is mainly because of this plugin wp-content/plugins/commentluv/include/tip.php. i don’t know what went wrong. i surf through the net and saw about robot.txt whether it will help me?

URL (1760)                                                                                Error Hits    Referers
wp-content/plugins/commentluv/include/tip.php                       677496


  1. sapimoto

    I am very sad to hear about your problem, Rajesh.
    I think, if you are sure about one plugin that make some error on your blog, why you not remove it and try with another plugin?
    Or, if you interested to change your dns server, maybe I can give a solution with cheap and great server.

    sapimoto´s last blog post..Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

    • raj

      thanks for your suggestion…
      now i got the solution. its working great…
      may be i would need your solution later on..thanks

  2. Abas

    My thoughts exactly. Just slash the commentluv plugin.

    Abas´s last blog post..Change Life Aspects for Faster Weight Loss

    • raj

      thanks for your suggestion…
      now its working great…

  3. Anyone know what’s the problem with the bandwidth when i started download, the bandwidth speed was fast for 10 secs. But, after 10 secs, the bandwidth will drop until timeout. I’m on stremyx with winxp sp2 running on a edimax adsl ar6024-a router. I used mirc & other websites to download stuffs. I’ve configured my NIC to fixed IP address for my LAN. I’ve also tried to replaced my NIC and also fixed it on a different PCI slot on my motherboard, but the problem still the same. Can any expert help me with this problem?

  4. Mary

    I go to your website once in a while and I just have to mention that I like your template!

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