Ford Motor To Announce its new small car for the Indian market

Ford Motor is expected to announce its new small car for the Indian market on Wednesday. Although Ford officials seem to be playing it low key with no detailed announcement yet.

Wheels Unplugged says the new small car has been codenamed Ford B517 is expected to be launched in March next year.

To be built at its Chennai facility, the new car will come in petrol and diesel versions of 1.2 litre and 1.5 litre engine capacity respectively to satisfy the Indian government’s definition of a small car.

This is part of Ford Motor’s plans to integrate car designs globally and develop compact and mid-sized cars to help improve profitability and productivity.

According to the report, The car would have 85 per cent local content, and the company is in talks with Tata Steel for better steel prices with the increased volumes.


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