My Friend Prakash(talent) birthday

Yesterday its my Friend Prakash(talent) birthday. we usually celebrate his birthday as Talent day in our college.

oh! Don’t think he is very much talented. we kept this for special purpose. which is very much opposite of talent.

This day, me and my other friends had a plan, to wish him through SMS. we thought to send more than 500 sms or even 1000 sms wishes to him. And it worked out well. He get annoyed with these much of sms. wow!! our plan worked out very well.

we had a great fun with him…

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness.


  1. Abas

    Oh, man. Sounds like a whole load of fun! LOL! I got like 400 plus free sms to pull a prank on people. However, its within Malaysia only. 🙂

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    Wishing you a happy day,


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