Friendzworld Entertainment,Personal,Sports Sachin, Yuvi and more.. disappointed with IPL moved out of India

Sachin, Yuvi and more.. disappointed with IPL moved out of India

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) at an emergency meeting Sunday decided to hold the Twenty20 tournament outside the country after the state governments expressed their inability to provide security to the tournament as it clashes with the general elections.

Tendulkar, who is the captain of the IPL team Mumbai Indians said he is disappointed with IPL being held abroad.

It is disappointing that IPL has been moved out of India,” Tendulkar said.

We will miss playing in front of our supporters. It won’t be the same.”
Sachin Tendulkar on Monday said Indian Premier League (IPL) on foreign shores would not have the same feel as it had last year.

IPL had a good concept of playing home and away matches. This is something that the teams will miss this time around. Wherever we play, we hope to have the same fervour that we had had last season,” he said.
“It is sad that the IPL won’t be held in India. But it is the decision of the board and we will have to follow it,” Yuvraj said.
We were looking forward to play at home, now we have to play away so we feel sad for a lot of Indians who were looking forward to watch it. Anyway if we were playing in India, a lot of home games were shifted to other centres. So it was not actually a home game or away game.
Yuvraj Singh, the Kings XI Punjab captain, too, said the second edition would be different.

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  1. Yoooo..RRAAAjjjeessshhh! ūüôā

    Indian cricket moving out of India??!!! This is preposterous! Who cares about the elections? People must get their sport! Health is number one! :-)))

    P/s: So you like the Touchbook, eh, Rajesh? Yeah, it can be useful but I doubt its gonna arrive to Indian or Malaysian shores any when soon. Till later.

    Abas¬īs last blog post..Touchbook is a Unique Netbook

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