Friendzworld Friends,Informative,Intro,Personal what chaos! happen to my blog?

what chaos! happen to my blog?

Yesterday i am thrilled with My Blog Page Rank as 3..After that i am shocked , some of my latest post (i.e) the post after 26th dec 2008 has been vanished ..i had no clue what would had happen..

i dont know what to do….my blog is changed back to 26th dec 2008… all my setting was lost ..including my blog comments, Post, etc

i waited for a long time… thinking that some thing would have happen and it will change back to normal after some hour.. but as the time goes my faith also perished..

i don’t know what to i started to type again the vanished post. it is the hard time for me.. morning i am thrilled with My Blog Page Rank as if now, i am totally in chaos..

if any one know about this problem..please tell me what to do? there is any solution? -help me

9 thoughts on “what chaos! happen to my blog?”

  1. Hi Rajesh, I’m very sorry to long not to visit your blog.
    Maybe something had happen with your hosting provider, you may consult with them.
    Please make some backup at the end of the month or more often.

    sapimoto’s last blog post..Batu Night Spectacular – BNS

  2. Hi! Good post, I’m just a bit intrigued due to there isn’t any junk feedback on your site as there is on the majority of blogs on the web these days, so you have done a good job of controlling your blog. Regardless, keep making good posts on your blog and I’ll keep coming 🙂 Cheers, Owen.

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