Which is your Best Moment In your Life?

    1. Giving the 1st month salary to your Parents with care.
    2. Thinking Your 1st Love with tears.
    3. Looking your old photos and smiling.
    4. The day when you became a Mother or father.
    5. Thinking your past school and college days.
    6. The day when you got married.
    7. The day You got the first job.
    8. A sweet and emotional chating with your friendz.
    9. Finding Money In old dress when you needed.
    10. Holding hands with your Loved ones for a walk.
    11. Getting a hug from one who cares for you.
    12. First Kiss To Ur Child When he/she Born.
    13. Finally the moment when your eyes are fully filled with tears.

9 thoughts on “Which is your Best Moment In your Life?”

  1. hello rajesh!

    mine is “Giving the 1st month salary to your Parents with care.”

    i was 17 and felt so proud that i was able to share a few pesos to my family 🙂

    thanks for this post! it’s beautiful because it brought back sweet memories…

    thanks again!

  2. I think the best moment in my life is when i passed to be government employee. You know i had 5 time to follow this test. Nice blog rajesh

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