I and My friends went to see Madrasapattinam Movie

My friends sriram, ashwin has come to Chennai after a long gap.  Yetserday we planned to go for a movie Madrasapattinam. As usual we went to vetrie theater and bought the ticket. We know this movie so good. I was so amazed when seeing this movie. I felt like going to old madras. The director vijay and producer has made this movie more wonderful, hands-off to them.  They take the Tamil cinema to new level. Another thing about this movie is The beautiful elegant Amy jackson.

Amy Louise Jackson is from the Isle of Man and is the daughter of BBC Radio presenter, Alan Jackson. she was crowned Miss Teen World 2008 when she was seventeen years old. Jackson’s career began in the UK through modeling agency Boss Model Management. The commercial model has now made her mark in India not only modeling but also in the South-Indian Chennai based Tamil film industry.

Arya is so cool and stylish in this film. His acting skill so amazing.


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  2. D-R

    Sounds like a good film. Maybe I’ll rent it. 🙂

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  8. Gouri Prakash

    This movie is too good.Arya is such an amazing actor and hats off to Amy;she did a good job.The best thing i loved about this movie is its music – amazing.A sob is hard to resist-happy ending.

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