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Me at my Office

Hi friends!! today i like to tell about my office. My office is the great place in this summer. This  Summer gets heated up already only way i can get out from this heat is going to office regularly. This is the coolest and friendly place to work in. At first i started with few hiccups but the days goes by i managed with the work.

The working culture is so good and officers are so friendly. i joined this company through my friend vijay anand and sriram in this year jan 1st 2010.  At first i am not so eager to join this company as my interest is not based on this field but my friends insisted that for a time being or until you get a new job join this company. It certainly paid off for me. Thanks to my friends .

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My Friend KvMy Friend Kv

His NickName is Karthik
Actually His Name was Karthik and His nickname was Kv. But as day prolongs It becomes other way round..even in their house they call him as kv

The atmosphere around him will always be fun and fun only. The best part of him is his timing of teasing others and himself also. He will know exactly what to tell to make the people around him laugh without hurting others.

He has great wits and can tackle any situation with his humor. Cool guy remains cool and calm always.

I know him from my childhood we studied in same school , same college and in same class..

I am very happy to have found such a friend at a very eary stage of my life.

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Villu Story Line & Picture gallery – Latest News Of Ilaya Thalapathy vijayVillu Story Line & Picture gallery – Latest News Of Ilaya Thalapathy vijay

After the box office hit of Pokkiri, Prabhu Deva and Ilaya Thalapathy has teamed up once again..This is the first time that Nayanthara being paired with Vijay. This is a another commercial film entertainment.

the story line is rumored across the online may be guesses as follows…

A group of bad people kill an honest, hardworking man. The man’s wife and son are somehow spared. The son (Vijay) grows up under the impression that his father had perished in an accident. But then, as the story goes, Vijay learns of the malicious plot that got his father murdered. An angry Vijay hatches a plan to bring the murderers to justice and in the process falls in love with the daughter of a bad guy, played by Nayantara. next !!! is he succeed in his mission? thats what the climax is about..

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Legendary actor Jackie Chan in Aascar Ravichandran’s film begins in JuneLegendary actor Jackie Chan in Aascar Ravichandran’s film begins in June

Aascar Ravichandran is definitely one of the best showmen in the world. The way Ravichandran launched the audio of Dasavathaaram shook the world. With Jackie Chan as the chief guest.

Aascar Ravichandran is ready for his next film, where he will have his dear friend Jackie Chan in the lead and filming will start in June. The day its filming begins will be a moment of pride for all Indians – for Aascar Ravichandran will be the first Indian to make a film with Jackie Chan, a legendary actor who added a new dimension to Cinema, a perfect blend of awe-inspiring daredevil stunts and slapstick comedy.

This is the news that is reverberating throughout Kollywood.