First Day in Navalur Polaris Office

First Day in Navalur Polaris Office. After shifting from Shakthi Towers (mount Road) to Navalur Polaris Office i feel it is better to work here. The infra-structure is great. The work location is also great.

My First Day in Navalur Polaris Office is an ordinary day where i do my job with better work environment.  Only dis advantage is the VDi connection which lags behind. But the computer are very fast and latest configuration.

This is the day in my life where i went at 8.30 am to polaris and came out at 5.30 pm. Usually it would take 8.00-8.30pm to come out of polaris in Shakthi Towers (mount Road).

Hope this would continue in this Navalur Polaris Office. Have a nice day.



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  1. D-R

    Congratulations on your new workplace. 🙂

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