Friendzworld Personal Going to book 7aum Arivu Movie because of Bodhidharma

Going to book 7aum Arivu Movie because of Bodhidharma

After hearing the story of  Bodhidharma. I wish to book 7aum Arivu Movie because of Bodhidharma. This was some thing special. This time on diwali i going to see and learn the new information of  god Bodhidharma which most of the Tamilan not aware off.

As  advance bookings for 7uam Arivu will begin from October 19th, i will be eager to book a ticket on first day first show. Moive 7uam Arivu directed by AR Murugadoss  has some part of  Bodhidharma story which i like to see. In a recent interview What he had told was true when i read the story in the net. Some of our people not totally aware of this.

How could we had forgot this god.

Thanks to AR Murugadoss to make this film and special thanks to make it aware of Bodhidharma

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