My new 3g broadband

After a great struggle with BNSL network i finally fed up with there services. I almost paid 5 months of rental amount without no usage due to network failure. When i complained about this, they never tried to compensate for cancel the rental amount. Finally i made up my mind to close the connection as it is of no use.

I had complained many times to their head but no use they say, they will try to give the connection back as soon as possible. I almost went more than 50 times but my question as unanswered. One day the lines men had came and repair the connection but on the fourth day or fifth day again the connection will go back.

This leads to more frustration then i finally made the decisions and closed the connection. I searched for better connection. After a well searched i choose airtel 3g braodband 7.2 mbs. Now i get the required access on my way go. No need to wait for any thing and simple to use and carry any where.

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  1. Gany

    I think they will reduce the speed limit if it crosses a particular extent. But good that it can be carried anywhere and easy to use. Good luck.

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