Friendzworld Personal My New Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Duos

My New Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Duos

MY NEW Samsung Galaxy S Duos

MY NEW Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Finally after a two Week of searching of best mid range Smartphone I choose Samsung Galaxy S Duos. I choose Samsung Galaxy S Duos not because of Dual SIM. I had finished the searching and zeroed on three phone Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Sony Xperia J and HTC Desire X.

After much thought i choose Sony Xperia J but after seeing the review of the user who had used it found that it getting lagged due to 512 MB ram. Though the design and display are the best but the processing was bit low. Next I thought to buy either HTC Desire X or Samsung Galaxy S Duos. As the price of  HTC Desire X was bit higher compare to Samsung Galaxy S Duos hence i wished to Buy Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

When i searched the details i found that the Samsung is giving promo Offer for the three phone which also has Samsung Galaxy S Duos. I went to most of the cell phone shop to get the white Samsung Galaxy S Duos but to able to get the same. Only black is available hence i waited for the to get the white phone. Finally i call to the samsung dealers and found the one dealer who has the Samsung Galaxy S Duos white color. I went to the shop at 9 PM and bought the same and immediately registered the  promo offer.

After using the phone i feel amazed. As i am new to Android Phone, i am learning the best way to learn and use it.

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