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My Friend Gopalakrishnan Engagement

My Friend Gopalakrishnan Engagement. My friend Gopalakrishnan Engaged on My hearty Wishes to him.

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VIPIN Moved From Polaris To CTSVIPIN Moved From Polaris To CTS

I forget to write about Vipin who moved to CTS company. He is so friendly to every one. It is quite hard to believe that he had moved to CTS.  On a fare well day we all talked about how he thinks about all and we same share how we thinks about him but i told that i will erite in my blog about this. As due to heavy work, broadband problem and exam i missedto write about him. Now i felt i should write about Vipin in my history of my friendship diary.

Vipin looks like a school boy even now. Vipin always try to tell the comedies which he watched on the day but comedies which he tell to us which we will not launch. He makes the work area so lively. One think which is most interesting about him is whenever he tries to explain he will always explain with hand gestures.

We had asked for the treat which leaving. The treat which he gave is simply superb. Now i am giving the treat to all.

Hope all of you are happy now. And dont ask treat again. 🙂 🙂

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

My Friend JohnsonMy Friend Johnson

Name : Johnson E Verghese
His nickname is Verghese
He sits Next to me in my class. i had a great time with him…
He is one of the member of suguna gang in our college..
He is actually a Quite Guy in class…
But he was not as quite in free time..
At the interval or free time, For the time pass we will play a beating game. At that time he will wait like cunning fox and beat like a angry bull and ran away from that place..though he is thin but his beating was very hard …luckily i escaped from the beating until last college day.

In studies, he was very intelligent guy. he will help others in studies..

In Sports, He was good in volley ball…He headed our volley ball team up to 3rd year

I am happy to have a friend like him!!

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Kerala Boat House -Team outingKerala Boat House -Team outing

Kerala Boat House -Team outing. Office Team outing was planned well three months before. We had booked boat house and train ticket well in advanced.

More than 21 person from our team wished to come finally on the day 19 person include me had started to Team outing Kerala Boat House. On the 8th mar 2013 friday we started our trip to Kerala through train.

We had reached Kerala Kottayam place on next day 8’0 clock. From there we went to Kumarakom boot house and enjoyed the backwater and boot house sight seeing.

We had went to various sight seeing and returned back to Chennai on monday 8 am and back to work.