Friendship Thoughts! 03

Friendship Thoughts:

The single finger wipes out tears during our failure is much better than the 10 fingers which comes together to clap for our victory.

We known each other by chance and became friends by knowing each other, still friends by Decision. And we will be FRIEND FOREVER, that is our lifetime Promise

Life Thoughts:

Don’t go the way where life takes you… take your life the way where you want to go. Remember that we are born to live… we are not living because we are born.

Professor Thoughts:

I don’t Mind when Students look at their watches during lectures but i get angry when they remove their watch and shake it to see if its working or not

7 thoughts on “Friendship Thoughts! 03”

  1. acey says:

    nice reminders, rajesh! thanks for sharing them. 😀

  2. dong ho says:

    wow! thanks for this. congratulations again to the people behind slumdog millionaire. i appreciated the indian culture more.

    dong ho´s last blog post..summer comes – manila bay

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  7. ritik bharti says:

    friendship between me and you

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