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Friendship Thoughts! 02

Friendship Thoughts!:

  • A real friend is one who walks with you when the rest of the world walks out.
  • The world’s biggest power is the Friendship.
  • When i was walking alone, I thought that i can reach the end of the road…. But when you are walking with me, I wish the road never ends….
  • The value of our life does not depend on the time that we spend on this Earth but rather depends on the amount of love given and shared to the people we care about

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Selva moved to his friend companySelva moved to his friend company

Hi friends it has been a almost two week i came to internet due to broadband problem and work. One of my office friends named selva moved to his friend company(ED–).  He look so cool with smart smile on his face whenever we see. He is always fond of new technology. Recently he owned a website named doublebell to explore the world of blogging.  In office he always encourage others. With sekar and mohan the room is full of fun. we had great time with him. We gave a great send off on the last day by playing a nice comedy ring tone dialogue which was done by sekar. i think he will remember for a long time. I wish him a great success in coming days.

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

Office cricket team– 4COffice cricket team– 4C

We had prepared of the office tournament well and went to the match and lose the first match and the tournament. Why do we lose because we had played the practice match with tennis ball and played the office match with cricket ball so bowlers were unable find grip hence all the runs through extras.

At end it is nice experience and fun to share.

My Friend TalentMy Friend Talent

His Name: Prakesh

His Nick Name:Talent

Hey Dont Think he is very much talent… it’s other way opposite..

We kept his name as talent because he is too slow and very lazy..

For example, if we finish a assignment in 1hour. for him it will take 3 hour..that much slow..but his hand writing and work will be neat than us..that should be appreciated…

but in riding Bikes he is just opposite, what it’s used to be..he is like fast and furious..most of the time the person coming with him feels the pain…

he was a good guys and nice friend to me..

we had a great fun in our college due to him..

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

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